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Emilia Maryniak


THIS IS NOT THE EYE OF GODblue light NEON Station of Art Gallery, Warsaw 2024exhibition


134 DROPS OF THE MILKY WAY Installationplastic measure spoons, white styrofoam balls; oil and acrylic paintings It is about fears and worries over the Planet and its biodiversity.But also, it is about the beauty and the power of life-giving and life-caring act. Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, Kefalonia Island, Greece 2023 / exhibition […]

ROOTS 2020

ROOTS Installationsound, calluna / heather plants, twine, iron net Studio 37, Warsaw 2020


LAND WILL BRING YOU TO THE SEA 3:07 min sound video This work is a reflection about the sea as something within us through which we desire to understand our longing for life. That life is a new beginning and the undiscovered land. It can take us to a real place and transform us into […]

Cocoon 2017

UNBRAID MY BRAIN FOR MORE THAN THREE DAYS |ROZPLATAJ MÓJ UMYSŁ DŁUŻEJ NIŻ TRZY DNI Site-specific installationcocoon [4 x 1,5 m, iron net, natural branches, balls of red and white wool], soundwoollen threads, canvasses with braided writings, oil and acrylic paintings This site-specific installation reflects a universal discussion around woman as a subject and as […]


IT IS SUCH A SHAME BECAUSE SHE IS SO PRETTY green light NEONapprox. 200 cm long, 10 cm high noisessentences about sentences aroundI hear I am therefor I amdescription of your words as they are leaking inside my body mirror through my red veinsI am letting them speak light where only darkness howl I don’t […]

TALE 2016

I WILL TELL YOU A TALE AND THE TALE WILL BE LONG Installation04:45 min sound video with text, marjoram herbs, black-box construction   Chelsea College of Arts – University of the Arts London 2016WOZOWNIA Contemporary Art Gallery, Torun, Poland 2018 – exhibitionBargehouse Gallery, London 2018 – exhibition

Plant My Basil

PLANT MY BASIL EAT MY PESTO Installation3:38 min video performance with sound, basil plants, geometrical black-box construction This work contains reflection about the mystery of a physical body – its senses, sensations and its inner existence, which often seems to be alien. It introduce ambiguities over the body, through which we understand it is us, […]

LAUREL 2015-2016

INSIDE THE LAUREL TREE MAKE ME FREE MAKE ME FREE Installation02:00 min sound videos projected simultaneously, beach ball, dark room video documentation:installation view [1 min extract], detail A122 Studio at Chelsea, London 2016   also as a part of the LAUREL project:LEAVES – 2 photographs, writing on the wall [exhibited at Triangle Gallery, London 2015]ANALYSING […]

Poland Be My Health

POLAND BE MY HEALTH Installation01:01 min sound video on loop, projected on banner with writing (acrylic on fabric), nest made of birch, wooden folk storks This installation reflects and analyze Polish collective MEMORY, IMAGERY, and NOSTALGIA, by relating it to the canonical Polish visual art and literature. Title refers to the most admitted compulsory text […]

MEMORY project 2015

DADDY DADDY SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP – CAUSE WHAT IS THERE IT’S OUR FEAR Installation2:25 min sound video on mix media collage, acrylic on paper, nest made of natural branches, glockenspiel This project is about weaving and plaiting through MEMORY. Its core is a braided nest made of natural branches, with a colorful glockenspiel in the […]

Heaviness of the Nest

HEAVINESS OF THE NEST Installation1. iron net, natural branches, eggs painted in pink, cast iron weights painted in pink2. iron net, natural branches, cast iron weight painted in pink nest is a homean inside sourceinterior built of birds and songswithout the music scorewithout the faith in fallwings are pinkand long gone it’s always herewhen you […]

Bio-Elusive Art

BIO-ELUSIVE ARTpaintings/drawings, 2012-2014 The entire process and the final results are based on ephemeral vision of reality, in which probable connects to the unbelievable, and the physical world code is changing ceaselessly.Cliche „return to nature” is only a conventional concept, however, it is a manifestation of the desire to reach to the elusive feeling of […]


ZA-PLO-TKA | FOR-GOSSIP Installationgreen light, iron net, natural grass / xanthorrhoea australis Associations and linguistic sequences are the starting point of the installation built from green light and tangled up grass fibers.“To weave” is to combine long and thin parts through mutual interlacing. To weave three after three, chaffer and grind. Woven grass like speech. […]


TRANSFORMATION paintings/drawings 2013 The body is the inscribed surface of events (traced by language and dissolved by ideas), the locus of a dissociated self (adopting the illusion of a substantial unity), and a volume in perpetual disintegration. M. Foucault                   exhibited at: Heatherley’s, London 2013Bankside Gallery, London 2013 – […]