green light, iron net, natural grass

To weave is to combine long and thin parts through their mutual interlacing. To weave three after three, chaffer and grind. Grind by tongue, blab or plait. Plug, cram and push. Woven grass like the speech. Weave, twine and plug the flow. Sew up the barrage of words.
Leakage, seepage of strict meanings. Seeps, stings, for-gossip. Scratches words stitches. Irritating by stalk, cornering the skin. Through the slits thimble weaves.

The wordplay on which the work is based is fully understandable only in Polish, where the word gossip (plotka) has a connection with the word plait (splot), and weave (pleść).
It is built as a tunnel-gate which everyone has to go under (to see other parts of the exhibition) and everyone has to be touched by unpleasant grass-stalks (xanthorrhoea australis called “steel grass”). Like the words around us without value or significance which we can’t avoid.


as a part of GOSSIP | PLOTKA exhibition at
TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin/Poland