Emilia Maryniak aka Ema Mar is a painter and a multi-media installation artist, working with image, text, sound, and natural vegetation. She is interested in the concept of self-mythology and self-identity as a process, specifically with its relation to a physical body and memory. She analyses biological body as a notion of meanings, archetypes and myths, while memory interests her as a language of genes and gestures.

Philosophical theories related to feminism and environment, as much as scientific understanding of human existence, shapes an important framework for her both artistic and theoretical practice.

My work oscillates somewhere between elusiveness and realness of human condition in a tangible reality. It is affected by questions: what is our state of self? How do we build our identity and how much it is determined by our genes, by the past of our species, and by the culture we live in? Who are we the most: uncatchable energy, cultural construct, biological body or self-memory?